Next Generation Digital and Offset Print Solutions

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For over 33 years Edmonton’s printing industry has included a company with a bit of an odd moniker: DeJong Printing Ltd. Mmm… is that a mustard? After all that time, those in the know are aware that the company was named for the family-based ownership. But even those people tend to stumble on the real pronunciation of the name (officially, if you know Dutch: duh-yong).

Name notwithstanding, the company has built a reputation for outstanding print quality and a work ethic to “get it right” that is rivalled by few. From stationery to elaborate promotional material, from annual reports to coffee table books, we’ve consistently provided service, quality and timely delivery. And now, even the tongue twister is gone: the first generation of the family is slowly on backing away from active duty, and the name is going along.

nexGen Grafix Inc. will carry on where DeJong Printing Ltd. left off, as Edmonton’s premier printing firm: same quality, same ethic, new generation, new stuff. Better equipped than ever to address all your printing needs, having recently installed the latest in both digital and offset print technology. Check out the next few pages to get all the details.

A newly revamped print experience awaits…

nexGen Grafix Inc.
The new generation of print technology.