About us

Environmental sustainability

nexGen Grafix embraces environmental sustainability.

We have a proven track record in this area, and are committed to not only using products and processes that minimize our impact on the environment, but also in recycling the packaging materials, metal plates, chemicals, excess paper and plastics we use.

We use low VOC (volatile organic compound) vegetable-based inks. Ink residue is collected, and periodically disposed of by certified third parties. We are always in tune with the latest recycling opportunities and keep up to date on any new initiatives that arise.

Recycling and safe disposal of byproducts is not the only approach to environmental sustainability. New technologies in imaging also introduce better production methods. For instance, since early 2015 we have exclusively used Kodak Sonora chemistry-free plates for our offset presses. This technology completely eliminates the toxic chemicals previously used to develop and preserve plates.

Our Kodak NexGlosser uses Kodak NexPress DryInk to produce a high-gloss finish, which is a far more environmentally friendly process than the equivalent UV coating. While other digital production presses may use toners which are environmentally very harmful (or even non-destructible), the dry inks used in the Kodak NexPress are fully recyclable.

Of course our raison-de-etre is to produce images on paper or other substrates.

This means that we go through a lot of paper, affecting a lot of trees from many forests worldwide. Thankfully the forestry industry is more and more conscious of the need for responsible harvesting and reforestation, and that awareness travels down the supply chain to your local printer. Nearly all paper available in Canada is certified by one or more chain-of-custody programs. The preponderance of paper nexGen uses contains a percentage of post-consumer waste (PCW) ranging from 10% to 100%, and all paper is recyclable! There are also synthetic substrates as well as wide-format media that are made from recycled material and are produced in carbon-neutral environments. No need to fear that printed products are environmentally unfriendly; there are few things that can be recycled as easily!